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About Us

Martin’s Children Academy was established in the year 2003 with the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Singh. The motive behind it was to provide quality education to the children of Purvanchal through discipline. In order to meet the challenges to modern and to understand the finer aspects of life, we have been trying to involve a balance system of education taking both science and tradition as mainstrems. the best aspects of western science and Indian culture are included in the academic curriculum to make it complete. Afterproper analysis the motto of this insitution is taken as “Strength to Strength”.

Our Vision

Martin’s Children Academy is committed to the Vision of imparting Quality Education focusing on the betterment of the Society, emphasizing on the ethical values. The institution is committed to impart quality education to the students from different socio-economic backgrounds. The school aims at educating girls and boys to be responsible individuals and worthy citizens of moral caliber and noble character by discovering their talents and developing their faculties of mind and body. They are provided with opportunities to train themselves to lead a friendly and disciplined life of mutual cooperation and respect for one another in the student community of girls and boys in the school.

Our Mission

To Create and Develop “Centres of Excellence” in Martin’s Children Academy offering Technology and Management Education providing opportunities for the rural students to enrich their knowledge to contribute to the Society, the Nation and the World.

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