(Affiliated To CBSE,New Delhi) Affiliation No.: 2133695 School No.: 71807


  • Admission is on the basis of a written test followed by an interview.
  • Parents seeking admission can take Admission Form available at the school office on payment of the prescribed fees.
  • Birth Certificate and Transfer Certificate is must for admission.
  • Admission is granted with the birth certificate provided by Nagar Palika, Hospital and authorized Nursing Home or the Gram Pradhan of the village.
  • The students registering for the admission test and interview cannot be guaranteed admission as a limited number of seats are available.
  • The minimum age group of the students seeking admission are as follows:
    ➢ Nursery 2 years 6 months
    ➢ L. K. G. 3 years 6 months
    ➢ U. K. G. 4 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-I 5 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-II 6 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-III 7 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-IV 8 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-V 9 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-VI 10 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-VII 11 years 6 months
    ➢ Class-VIII 12 years 6 months
  • The admission committee’s decision regarding admission is final in all respects.
  • Students withdrawing during the social session have to pay the fee for the entire term ending in March each year. No explanation shall be granted.
  • A transfer certificate on withdrawal is issued on the second working day after the clearance of all the dues of the school.
  • No transfer certificate is issued without a birth certificate.
  • A student’s Name may be struck off from the register due to:
  1. Indiscipline
  2. Non Payment
  3. Un-satisfactory academic performance and progress
  4. Continued absence for 10 days with no clear leave being sought from the
    school authority
  • Admission fee is charged at the time of admission once only. (Not every year)