(Affiliated To CBSE,New Delhi) Affiliation No.: 2133695 School No.: 71807


The schools have special nursery play group sections to transfer the children between three to four years of age where special cares are taken to mould the delicate with their school mates and teacher. Curiosity, eagerness and interest are generated among them as children learn to strive in their mouton skills through the uses are Mental activities, Special Toys and Game, Video Films, Nursery rhymes, Songs, Drawings, Paintings also used to help the children to learn and understand better. The syllabus is carefully designed after evaluating the finest textbooks on various subjects written by noted academicians. This ensures that the students are not burdened with excessive academic work. Thus they have enough time for sports & other extra curricular activities and are encouraged to take part in various Sports, Debating, Quizzing, Dramatics, Music, Social Welfare Activities Through arranged clubs within the school under the supervision of the teaching staff.


Examinations are conducted six times in a year in the form of Periodic Assessment-I, II, III & IV and Semester- I & II in the following months.
• P. A.                           -I May
• P. A.                           -II August
• Half Yearly           September
• P. A.                           -III December
• P. A.                           -IV January-February
• Annual March