Online Learning Course

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has paved the way for MCA going online to conduct classes.
Education institutions have been among the hardest hit by the current COVID-19 lockdown. Overnight, we were forced to consider a new medium, which had been supposedly only an experimental endeavour till then.
The lockdown has forced us to go online, without any warning or preparation, and consequently, learn fast. There is a lot of experimenting going on as there is scarce experience in this area. The faculty have had to learn the medium and then understand how to use it effectively in class. Juggling between various controls, chat windows, allowing people electronically into the class, watching online videos, or switching between various windows, or drawing on a separate digital pad or on-screen, could become overwhelming for most faculty. But there is really no choice but to learn. Many faculty have stepped up to the task, for this is the medium of tomorrow. We started computer awareness program for our teacher to make them update regarding technology, so that they interact with student in better way during online classes. We develop our on app for online study to provide better education during lockdown. Martin’s are providing various online learning course to student regarding web development, basic programming courses so the student can get familiar with coding. To Download school app click on given link:
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