About School

Martin’s Children Academy was established in the year 2003 with the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Singh. The motive behind it was to provide quality education to the children of Purvanchal through discipline. In order to meet the challenges to modern and to understand the finer aspects of life, we have been trying to involve a balance system of education taking both science and tradition as mainstrems. the best aspects of western science and Indian culture are included in the academic curriculum to make it complete. Afterproper analysis the motto of this insitution is taken as “Strength to Strength”.

The English medium co-education school had started imparting education in the year 2003 at Mohammadabad with 7 teachers and 142 students with enormous support from the local people. since then the institution has been growing and envolving both in quality and number. Now there are about 2500 students and 200 staff. Teacher from different parts of India are now working here. At present it has teo branches, one Mohammadabad and the other at Bhawarkol.

M.C.A. Mohammadabad is located in the heart of the town Mohammadabad. It is the center of attention among the schools in Ghazipur district. The school started working in the year 2003 has produced a large number of scholars who are working in various fields in different parts of the world.

the other branch M.C.A. Bhawakol was established in the year 2010. The aim was to cater the needs of rural mass of this region. it has good infrastructure with advanced science laboratory and other modern amenties to quench the intellectual thirst and scientific curiosity of the students.

It is still growing and very soon its new branch will be opened. We are hopeful in near future the group of schools and education institution of Martin’s Family will change the academic profile of the entire region of Purvanchal. It os needless to say that these schools have produced thousands of garduates, post graduates, doctors and engineers who are serving the nation as well as contributing for the progress of the society at large.